About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring together like minded cyclists leveraging our Community Corridor and connected through the SPUDcycling Performance Apparel brand.

Our Corridor promotes amateur races, events, and local bunch rides by providing an events calendar and first hand information on rides and events from around the world from our sponsored riders, and you the customer, with blogs being published on our website.

Our Commitment

At SPUDcycling we recognise the effort you put into your cycling to become a fitter, stronger, healthier person.  We spend countless hours keeping our event calendar up to date plus competing or participating in as many of these events as we can to provide you insight and information to help motivate you towards your next goal.

We also understand how important quality apparel is to ensure you can perform at your best with designs which give you a sense of identity.

Our Logo & Identity

SPUD as an acronym is synonymous with our brand purpose; Speed, Performance, Unity, and Dedication. 

The concept of a potato (or spud) as a handlebar stem was first conceived sitting in a Vietnamese bar in Hoi An having a quiet beer one sunny afternoon whilst contemplating our new SPUDcycling business venture.  We sketched a few logo ideas onto napkins before landing on the concept of a SPUD as a handlebar stem.  The original sketch captured the concept but needed a lot more refinement to get it to where it is today... 

At the same time we came up with a hashtag #chewthatstem.  When you've hit the wall, pedalling squares and are about to call it quits, just imagine a beautiful baked potato complete with your favourite fillings as your handlebar stem.  The thought might just get you to the finish line...

'Koru' - All our products have 6 Koru's which symbolises our New Zealand heritage. 

Koru is a Maori symbol and represents the unfolding of a Silver Fern (a native plant of New Zealand) which is symbolic of 'new life' 'new beginnings', 'personal growth', and a 'new phase in life'.  Many of us use cycling as a way of achieving new goals whether that be simply getting fit and healthy or achieving a PB on your favourite ride or getting a podium at your local race.

Performance Apparel

Our products are made from Italian - M.I.T.I fabrics, Swiss - Schoeller fabrics, and Elastic Interface (E.I.T) pads ensuring we provide our riders with the best technology the market has to offer.

We test our products extensively and go through an iterative process producing multiple samples before we release our products to market to ensure we've achieved optimal fit plus comfort and that our designs represent our initial vision.

We strive for excellence and are continually looking to refine and improve our products.  We welcome constructive feedback both good and bad. If you'd like to share your feedback email us at info@spudcycling.com or leave a product review direct on our website.


Our passion for cycling will never cease, we've made many lifelong friends, seen some great countryside and city streets which have enriched us with long lasting memories. 

Whatever your story, follow us on Instagram & Facebook, sign up to our newsletter and join the SPUDcycling community today.

Keep it rubber side down...